Peter Lane Flat 2

Property Ref: F2PL

From £270.00 per week

Available  July 2022

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EPC Certificate
EIC Certificate
Gas Certificate
HMO Certificate

Large 1 Bedroom Apartment

1 Bedroom, open plan studio, Fresh New York Style, 10 Minutes from  York St Johns University.

close to Marks and Spencer and Costa.

Located in the heart of the City Centre, fully furnished.

This apartment comes fully equipped, very modern and stylish with a

fridge, microwave, cooker, dryer and washer machine, Tv and Dining Table.

Rent includes electricity, water, broadband and TV license in the common area.


University Of York      2 mi.

Hull York Medical School     2.4 mi.

York St. John University    2.7 mi.

Heslington East Campus   3.7 mi.

King's Manor   1.6 mi.

York District Hospital  2.8 mi.

Askham Bryan College 4.7 mi.

York Rail Station 1.3 mi.

York St John University
York St John University

University of York
University of York

York Railway Station
York Railway Station

York St John University
York St John University